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Professionals like you are essential to our mission: Transforming education through gamification.

Market Research

Let's talk about you!

Content Expertise

Advise game content.


Collaborate with us to write and apply for mutually-beneficial grants.

EduGame Testing

Play our edugames and tell us what you think.


Connect us to other Livestock professionals,  cattle operations, and organizations.

Extract data and allow us to assist with IRB.

Efficacy Studies

Square Stage

Collaborate With Us



  • In what ways do you work with livestock professionals?
    Market Research: We want to learn more about you and your area of expertise. Understanding the people who choose to work in the cattle industry and the work they do enables us to create more compelling and enjoyable educational games. Game Testing: We work with LSPs to play through early versions of our edugames and provide feedback throughout the development process - from game play, to user experience, to realistic accuracy. We are always looking for LSP to help us perfect our edugame designs. Content Expertise: Subject matter experts are critical to the development of our edugames. they collaborate closely and regularly with our teams to brainstorm concepts, provide experience and background, and help develop our edugame content. Networking: Many of our LSPs work for or with institutions, production and dairy operations, societies, associations, or veterinary schools that could potentially be of interest in our technology and expertise. We will collaborate with these entities to help ameliorate impediments to their current solutions. Grants: If you have a specific area that you are passionate about and wish to see in our platform, we can collaborate on grant opportunities to develop the desired content. Efficacy Studies: If you are interested in or have experience with technology-based research, we are continuously searching for motivated investigators who want to use our platform and the resulting anonymized user data to conduct behavioral or outcomes-based research studies. Expertise in educational research is typically recommended but not required.
  • How do I get involved?
    Please fill out the above survey with your background and contact details, and a Cattle 101 representative will be in touch with you.
  • How much of a time commitment would it be?
    The time commitment varies based on your involvement, ranging from an hour of playtesting to speaking with our teams a few times a month as an advisor. We will, however, always defer to your availability. There is no minimum time commitment required to work with us.
  • Do I have to travel to Dallas to work with you?
    No need to live in Dallas to work with us. Our games benefit from consultants and content producers from all around the US, and some from abroad.
  • Will I be compensated for my time?
    Yes, your time will be paid. We arrange compensation and honoraria for the vast majority of cattle professionals with whom we collaborate.
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