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Online Courses for Agriculture

  • Learn and Master Industry Skills

  • Earn Continuing Education Credit

  • Assess Your Knowledge and Capabilities

  • Train with Purpose


  • Teach Industry Skills and Cattle Concepts

  • Assess Student Comprehension

  • Increase Concept Retention

  • Create Actionable Learning Opportunities


  • See the Cattle Industry for Yourself

  • Connect with Local Producers

  • Play for Food Initiatives

  • Google for Cattle


Learn More

From Education
to Industry
and Beyond

Cattle 101 is packed with high-quality learning experiences that are relevant to industry & education professionals as well as consumers. 


Cattle Industry Meets Gamification

Learning should not be a burden, which is why we are harnessing the techniques of gamification to translate complex concepts into actionable learning opportunities.


Cattle 101 isn't just a game. It's a rich resource, packed with features designed to entertain, challenge and simulate all cattle knowledge and interactions. 

Wide variety of topics

Cattle 101 includes challenges that cover a breadth of topics: Advocacy, Low-stress Handling, Facility management, and so much more!

Choose your topics

Cattle 101 gameplay is personalized to your cattle interests and needs. Choose your topics or pathways, and you'll be presented with challenges covering the material.

Earn continuing education credit

Finding the time and opportunity to get experience is challenging. Cattle 101 makes it easy, convenient, and fun to earn continuing education and academic credit.

Real interactions and experiences

We develop experiences based on fact to provide transparency. Our in-game experiences are submitted by industry professionals and students; livestock experts then vet them.

Develop career skills

Setting yourself up for success in the livestock industry has never been easier. Cattle 101 is the one-stop-shop livestock consortium and symposium. Our skill trees provide players with personalized pathways for career success while supplying statistic analyses of their progress.

Personalized expertise maps

Track and improve performance with dynamic reports that highlight your progress, strengths, and areas for improvement.

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